One Brand Only – Harley’s

Harley Davidson’s are all we hire, tour and help you own. No other motorcycle has a history, style and sound like a Harley Davidson. If you have ever ridden one you know – if you haven’t, put it on your bucket list.

Hire one for a day or a week

Our Harley’s are available for a day, a weekend or as long as you like; with a model to suit you and your style – sportsters, dyna’s, soft tails & tourers

Day Tours

Don’t know where the road might lead you? Then let us take you on a road less travelled with our tours – escorted, self guided, custom, Australia or anywhere you want to ride. Your bike, our bike or as a passenger for an hour a day or as long as you want the wind in your face.
Part of the pack, or going solo.

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We can make your dream ride a reality!